Statewide Transition Conference for Parents

Statewide Transition Conference for Parents on September 20th! To learn more check out the online flyer, or register here!

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27th Annual Louis Bailey Golf Outing

Only a few individual spots are still open for the tournament!

Please call 781-335-3023 x2222 before registering online.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Cohasset Golf Club
8:00 – 9:00 am Registration & Breakfast
9:00 am -  Shotgun Start
2:00 pm – Luncheon, Silent Auction & Awards

Golf Registration
Sponsorship Opportunities available ~ contact Brenda Linden
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New Brand Identity for The Arc

Visit The Arc's Website
It’s Here! New Brand Identity for The Arc The Arc is proud to unveil an exciting new identity along with renewed energy and dedication to the movement for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. You’ll find a dynamic new logo and look for our publications – a freshly redesigned Empower magazine will be arriving in your mailbox soon! – Website, social media profiles and more with a bold color combination of orange and yellow and a new design for how our name is represented. This logo is one part of a larger brand identity used by us and The Arc’s national office along with other affiliated chapters across the country. We are working hard to make sure this new brand becomes widely recognized and promoted on a national level as well as in communities across the country. Increased prominence will help The Arc grow our recognition legislatively, increase much needed financial support, add newly engaged volunteers and improve the ease with which everyone will be able to identify with our mission to serve people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The new identity was developed over the course of a year with professional brand consultants and a dedicated team of individuals from The Arc nationally who understand our needs and goals. The visual elements of the brand, along with the name “The Arc”, represent the energetic efforts of those of us who promote and protect the civil rights of and provide the services and support needed by people with I/DD and their families across the arc of their lifetimes. This new identity will take us forward and command the kind of respect and recognition on a national basis that our organization deserves. We invite you to contact us to get more information about the new brand, the availability of new logos and artwork for those who work with us and how you can support us into the future. Visit info with your thoughts.
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March Is Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

March Is Our Month! Thanks to the advocacy efforts of The Arc in the 1980s, President Ronald Reagan officially declared March to be Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month in 1987. For nearly a quarter of a century, The Arc and its network of 700+ chapters across the country have fostered respect and access for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (i/DD). We have made tremendous progress in promoting and protecting the rights of people with I/DD and creating opportunities for them to live, learn and work as valued members of their communities. However, it’s time more people became aware of the challenges faced by more than 7 million Americans and their families as they strive to be fully included in society. Join us during March to help raise awareness. Volunteer at a local chapter of The Arc. Donate. Or simply speak up and help enlighten those around you. Find out more about I/DD and what you can do at today. Watch our blog,Facebook page and Twitter profile for messages all month about things you can do as an individual to help raise awareness then spread the word…share and retweet and let’s get everyone talking about I/DD during March.
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MassHealth Services at Risk!

Day Habilitation and Adult Foster Care are at risk Because of large mounting deficits in MassHealth’s (Medicaid) budget, the Day Habilitation and Adult Foster Care programs are at risk. Day Hab and Adult foster Care are facing dramatic, concerning cuts of 3.7% ($5 million in 2012) and 6.2% ($4 million in 2012) respectively.   These cuts will go into effect in March and we need to take action. Please reach out to the administration and ask them to not implement these reductions. This message will reach the following offices: Gov. Patrick, Secretary Bigby, MassHealth Director Dougherty and Commissioner Morales of Health Care Finance & Policy. You can make this message more personal by adding a few sentences. It will also increase the email’s impact. But the main thing is to act if you want to protect these services. Take Action!
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South Shore Networking Professionals Support The Arc of the South Shore

The South Shore Networking Professionals is a group of business men & women who own or are associated with smallSouth Shore Networking Professionals and medium size companies. They gather once a month, at Papa Razzi in Hanover from 5:30pm to 8pm.  This month, the event will be held on Tuesday, February 15th. This group was started as a way for local business people to meet in a casual setting, over a few appetizers and discuss business and make contacts. It is intended to be very relaxed. All attendees are encouraged to bring a friend or colleague. This month, group organizers have decided to take a different approach to their group. Typically, admission to one of their events costs attendees $5. This nominal cost goes to cover the cost of the food for the group and other incidentals. Beginning this month, the admission cost will increase to only $10 per person. Why the increase in cost you might ask? Organizers have decided to direct the additional $5 per person to benefit The Arc of the South Shore! We would like to thank the South Shore Networking Professionals for their support and invite you to attend, as it is open networking event and no formal membership is required! For more information, visit:

The mission of The South Shore Networking Professionals is to help each other gain business and contacts through effective and relaxed networking in a casual environment.

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Mass Health Day Hab Cuts Jeopardize Health and Safety

ADDP - Community for Living, Community for Life MasDay Hab MHs Health Day Hab Cuts Endanger Health and Safety Mass Health Proposes Cutting Day Hab Program that helps people with challenging disabilities function in the community. Leaders of the Massachusetts Mass Health (Medicaid) program are leading an effort this month that seeks to trim $5 million from the very program that the State is turning to in its own effort to reduce the census (and cost) of state institutions. The day habilitation program overwhelmingly serves people with disabilities who have a variety of medical and behavioral challenges that limit their ability to be employed in a DDS program or be competitively employed in the community earning an income. Over the last several years, the Commonwealth has turned to Day Habilitation programs to provide the day activity for state owned and operated group homes, as well as hundreds upon hundreds of people with disabilities who have moved from state institutions into community settings. In fact, the Administration’s Community First, Institutional Closure and Olmstead Plans make heavy use of Day Habilitation services by moving former residents of Fernald and other closing state institutions into state owned and operated group homes and private provider day habilitation programs for non-residential supports and services (the state doesn’t operate similar day activity programs). The proposed Mass Health Day Hab cuts means that there will be less staff on hand to serve many frail individuals who have a variety of challenging health concerns, as well as cognitive impairments. The participants in these programs are among the state’s most vulnerable and fragile citizens, including people with disabilities who utilize molded wheelchairs, feeding tubes, and may have challenging health and incontinence issues that require individual assistance. Since the largest part of the operation of these programs is staffing, reduced funding will make it challenging to deliver all needed therapies and assistance. Mass Health leaders have proposed to relax day habilitation regulations to achieve cost savings that will reduce the hardship on community day hab programs. ADDP members are not convinced that so-called relaxing of regulations is wise for such a fragile population or fiscally prudent. ADDP has written to Mass Health and requested that the department share it’s analysis (if one exists) regarding how such relaxation would reduce cost or better serve day hab participants. Further complicating the funding for day hab programs is the impact of the Commonwealth’s ongoing series of blizzards. Since day hab programs are not paid on snow days, many programs are rapidly losing operating capital needed to maintain worker salaries and benefits. In fact, many providers report that the fiscal loss from recent storms either match or exceed Mass Health’s proposed cuts in FY 11. ADDP has written to the Secretary of EOHHS, Dr. JudyAnn Bigby, who oversees Mass Health and asked her to reconsider; and pull from consideration Mass Health Day Hab cuts for the current year. The letter to Secretary Bigby follows:

February 3, 2011

JudyAnn Bigby, Secretary

Executive Office of Health & Human Services

One Ashburton Place

Boston, Massachusetts

Dear Judy,

As we return to work from one more snow day, ADDP would like to formally request that Mass Health withdraw its request to institute a Day Hab rate reduction in the remaining months of the FY 11 budget.

As you well know, Day Habilitation programs are not reimbursed on snow days.

As a result of the frequency of snow days this fiscal year, many day habilitation programs have already experienced fiscal losses that are equal to or exceed the amount that is projected to be taken from their program should the FY 11 DH rate cut go into effect on March 15 (pending outcome of the rate hearing). ADDP is requesting that all Day Hab providers track and report their weather related losses. When these losses are compounded together, it places many day habilitation programs in a fiscally precarious position. If the reason for implementing a rate cut as of March 15, 2011, is to reduce Medicaid expenditures then that goal has already been achieved due to the decline in Medicaid billing.

By withdrawing the FY 11 rate reduction for Day Habilitation programs, Mass Health/EOHHS can help preserve the fiscal integrity of these programs which are fragile at best. We respectfully ask you not to push ahead with a FY’11 rate cut due to the losses Day Hab providers are already experiencing.

We do understand that you may wish to proceed with the FY 12 rate cut, pending outcome of the rate hearing; however we would request you delay the February 23-24 hearing of this request to spring, pending further action in the legislature on House One and the Mass Health budget.

ADDP would prefer to place all of our energies in working in a collegial manner to support the Governor’s program and appropriations for the department, rather than opposing your efforts before DHCFP and subsequently the legislature.

May we please schedule a meeting or phone call to discuss this request?

Thank you.


Gary Sig

Gary Blumenthal

President & CEO, ADDP

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Budget Cuts in MassHealth and Family Support Will Hurt Thousands!

arcCrowdShotBanner.jpg The state budget deficit has translated into a large cut of $14 Million in Family Support along with cuts in MassHealth in day habilitation, adult foster care and elsewhere. These cuts will remain if we don’t convince our friends in the legislature to address them. State Revenue has risen over the past few months in Massachusetts and may continue to rise so we need to convince our legislators that the Family Support Cut and other cuts can be restored. The Governor has said he will support restoration if revenue is available. Of course we need to restore this cut of 32% in Family Support as it will be devastating to many. Please contact your legislator. Take Action!
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FMAP Funds Pass the House

After weeks of calls, e-mails and visits to State legislators by individuals with disabilities, their families, and disability rights advocates, the State Supplemental Budget Bill has cleared the final hurdle in the path to becoming law! In an informal session this afternoon, state representatives passed a Senate amendment to the bill, clearing the way for the legislation to move to the Governor’s desk for signature. The bill revises the state budget to allow for the expenditure of $420 million of FMAP funds appropriated to Massachusetts by Congress last summer. The legislature approved the bill after citizens with disabilities, their families. Thanks to the efforts of many, the federal funds will restore a significant portion of the cuts made to the state budget in June, when Congressional passage of FMAP appropriations was in doubt.
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Participants Needed for Arc of the U.S. Survey

The summer is waning quickly.  Yet many things are happening and in action here at the national office. You may have seen the stream of announcements about The Arc FINDS (Family and Individual Needs for Disability Supports) Survey that was launched by the national office in late July.  This is a free, online survey designed to tap into the knowledge and perspectives of individuals and families within the intellectual and developmental community – our community – to gain a current understanding on a host of lifespan issues that are being faced now and will be faced in the future. We have had an amazing response to date – by the end of the day, we will have received more than 2,600 hundred responses from self advocates and families.  We are being flooded by those who wish to share their opinions.  National organizations representing the DD Councils (NACDD), the Protection and Advocacy Centers(NDRN), Independent Living Centers (NCIL), University Centers on Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (AUCD), and Self Advocates (SABE and ASAN) have been circulating the press announcements of the FINDS Survey to their membership, and encouraging their participation.  Others such as the American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AAIDD), the National Down Syndrome Congress, Best Buddies, the National Military Family Association, and the Office on Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) have also engaged their memberships.  It’s going viral through platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and more and more networks are engaging every day. BUT – we need to do more.  I call upon you – every Chapter of The Arc – to help promote this to your key memberships and networks.  We need at least 10,000 people to participate in this effort.  There are approximately 4.7 million individuals living with I/DD in the United States, and most of them have families, and their voices need to be heard on issues such as what they want for their future.  This is where your expertise and connections and  respected positions in communities across this country comes into play.  We need your help to get more people to engage.  This survey has every chance of being the largest single data collection effort specifically for the I/DD community.  The findings will help us tell the government what is needed on a national scope, and Chapters will benefit greatly from targeted trending perspectives of your most important stakeholders. So please, send the brief message below along to your networks – including your Board, volunteers, families, self advocates, local businesses and your local newspapers – to get the word out.  Let’s work together to make this successful effort an incredible effort.  TAKE ONE AND PASS ALONG – THE ARC FINDS SURVEY The Arc seeks individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) and their families or caregivers to participate in a national disability needs survey.  The Arc FINDS (Family and Individual Needs for Disability Supports) is a free, online survey designed to tap into the knowledge and perspectives of individuals and families within the I/DD community, including self-advocates on different issues across the life span.  So far, thousands of people have taken the survey;  more participants are being sought as every opinion will count. Results will provide greater understanding about what services are being received, where gaps exist, and what new supports may be needed from the individual and family perspective.   To access the online survey, go to: and link to the survey from the home page – and pass the word along to others.  Take one and pass along!” If you have questions, let me know, and I thank you in advance for your important role in this initiative. Warm regards, Ann Cameron Ann Cameron Caldwell, Ph.D. Chief Research and Innovations Officer The Arc of the United States 1660 L Street, NW, Suite 301 Washington, DC 20036 p. 202.534.3700  |  f. 202.534.3731
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